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Kennedy Wilson’s ESG Program aligns with our business strategy by maximizing the inherent value of our assets. This delivers long-term social, environmental and economic value across our portfolios and to our key stakeholders.

Please see the Corporate Responsibility section of our website for our global initiatives, including our response to COVID-19.

To read the progress we have made, see our ESG Microsite.

Our approach

Our ESG Program focuses on four pillars:


You can see how our ESG Program has been put into action by viewing our case studies.

ESG Program at a glance

ESG program at a glance stats

1. Carbon dioxide equivalent. 
2. The baseline for targets reflects the carbon emissions of the directly managed assets by Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate and stabilized by June 30, 2016. The energy consumption data used for the baseline is the first full year of normalized data since acquisition and/or stabilization. 
3. Includes units under development.





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