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Baggot Plaza

In January 2017, the large scale redevelopment of Baggot Plaza was awarded Gold certification for the LEED Core and Shell rating system.
Photo of Baggot Plaza.
Dublin, Ireland
Property Type
Sq. Feet
129,300 sq ft

Baggot Plaza Story 

From the beginning, sustainability and design were integral to the redevelopment of Baggot Plaza. A number of initiatives were implemented including:

  • Retaining 88% of the existing structure
  • Increasing the size of the windows
  • Creating an internal “street” between the three different blocks of the building, giving users easy access to a secure external space, a key aspect of increasing occupant wellbeing
  • Incorporating a vegetated green roof, providing a significant boost to local biodiversity

The Building Emissions Rating (‘BER’) improved from an F rating to B1 alongside a 70% reduction in energy consumption. This translates to a 40% reduction under the ASHRAE standard that LEED uses to measure energy performance. This was achieved by the incorporation of the following technologies:

  • High-efficiency low NOx gas-fired boilers and condensing water heaters
  • Variable-speed drive (‘VSD’) low-energy pumps for heating and chilled water systems
  • Efficient air-cooled chillers using zero ozone depletion potential refrigerant gas for heat rejection
  • Ventilation that recovers heat from outgoing air to pre-heat or to pre-cool the incoming fresh air supply in the winter and summer respectively
  • LED lighting throughout and automatic daylight lighting control with PIR detection in office spaces
  • Building fabric which exceeds the minimum requirements of U values
  • Low water use devices on all sanitary ware


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