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Kennedy Wilson is one of Ireland’s largest multifamily landlords, with a significant investment in Dublin’s Docklands. This includes the North Docks, where Kennedy Wilson and partners own and manage existing projects, Liffey Trust and North Bank, and future mixed-use city campus development, Coopers Cross.
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Dublin, Ireland

basis.point Partnership Story

“Through the generosity of corporate partners, such as Kennedy Wilson, NCI’s Early Learning Initiatives is able to reach more than 10,000 inner city children, young people and their families every year, enabling them to change their lives through education.” Gina Quin, President of National College of Ireland (NCI)

The North Docks area has already undergone significant regeneration and we are delighted to add to this with a commitment to also improving opportunities for families living in the area. In 2019, Kennedy Wilson entered into a five-year partnership with basis.point, the charity initiative of the Irish Funds Industry, pledging a combined €100,000 to support new child development initiatives for underprivileged communities in Dublin’s North Inner City.

The pledge is delivered through basis.point’s long-standing partnerships with leading educational charities, providing meaningful change to some of Ireland’s most disadvantaged communities. The support funds two programs – Home from Home, the Early Learning Initiative (ELI) of NCI and Archways’ new After School Program. Both are built on the fundamentals of education and mentoring.

The first project – Home from Home – focuses on supporting vulnerable families living in temporary accommodation to empower parents of children from 16 months onwards. Over the next five years, the program aims to provide early intervention educational support for up to 50 preschool children. The second project – Archways’ After School Program – provides mentoring opportunities for over 40 children aged 10-13 who show a talent in either art, sport, music or academia, helping them to reach their full potential. The first school to participate is St Laurence O’Toole National School, located near our Coopers Cross, Liffey Trust and North Bank projects, enabling us to empower the communities closest to our assets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Dublin and the communities we are aiming to support in the North Docks. Technology has been helpful in maintaining vital programs, where possible, during the crisis and we are pleased that ELI’s Home from Home program, one of the two programs we are supporting, continues with home visitors using video or phone calls to ensure support is maintained. Additional educational resources were delivered to existing families ahead of Ireland’s closures and a further 50 families in crisis and needing support to home school their children have since been aided in this challenging time.

“We would like to extend our appreciation to basis.point and Kennedy Wilson for your understanding and support at this complicated time in our history… children and their families will continue to receive the support they need from ELI to succeed in education, career and life.” Dr. Josephine Bleach, Director of Early Learning Initiative at The National College of Ireland


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