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Vantage, Central Park

In 2014, Kennedy Wilson acquired Vantage, which included 272 multifamily units and 31,000 sq. ft. of largely vacant commercial space, and a partially completed multifamily block which offered the ability to add another 166 units.
Photo of Vantage, Central Park.
Dublin, Ireland
Property Type
Multifamily Units

Vantage, Central Park Story

Kennedy Wilson’s business plan included the development of an additional 166 units, a refurbishment of all multifamily units, and converting 13,000 sq ft of ground floor commercial space into exclusive tenant amenity space, including a gym, cinema room, lounge area, child’s play area and a high-end shared kitchen.  Two shell and core penthouse apartments were converted into 4 individual units and 2 privately-owned units were acquired separately, increasing the total of KWE-owned units to 442.

Practical completion was achieved at the end of July 2016. Kennedy Wilson began leasing the new units in October 2016, leasing 120 of 166 units by year end and at rents ahead of business plans. The expansion of Vantage has made it one of the largest multifamily properties in Dublin with 442 units and 34,000 sq ft of commercial space.


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